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Bright Smiles

Dr. Jessica Mohr and Dr. Carl Jeffery have a passion to help fight the number one disease in U.S. children – tooth decay. Both doctors see and treat children on a regular basis and enjoy working with them. They provide preventive treatments (exams, cleaning, sealant, etc.), restorative treatments (fillings, crown, etc.), and orthodontic treatments (space maintainer, thumbsucking reminder appliances) to patients with small but precious smiles.

Both doctors firmly believe that the fight against tooth decay can be won! They contribute to the fight during National Children’s Dental Health Month in February by visiting local preschools and schools in the area to provide information about proper dental hygiene and diet and provide a tooth brushing kit.

However, the most exciting aspect for the children is the $100 smile coloring contest! All the children are given a coloring page to color and names are drawn out at the end of March. Gift certificates of $100, $50, and $25 are given to the first, second, and third name drawn. Every year the number of participants seems to grow. The contest originally had approximately 500 participants; however, over the past years it has grown to over 1,300 children! Because of the increase in numbers, Drs. Mohr and Jeffery are hoping to add more prizes!

Check back here often to see winners of the coloring contest, client testimonials, First Birthday Club photos, and more!

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