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2013 $100 First Birthday Club Winner

Jeffery-Mohr Dentistry is excited to announce that Irelyn Sully was the $100 winner of the 2013 First Birthday Club.  She  won a $100 gift card!  All the kids entered in the 2013 First Birthday Club can be viewed at [url=http://www.JMFamilyDentistry.com]http://www.JMFamilyDentistry.com[/url]. Her mom, Ashley, was very excited her daughter won the prize. 

Irelyn was able to enter this contest by having her first dental exam at the age of one as recommended by the American Dental Association.  All kids examined at Jeffery-Mohr Dentistry at age of one are entered into the drawing for the big prize.  However, more importantly, the child is started on a healthy habit to stop the number one disease in American children, tooth decay.  Dr. Carl Jeffery and Dr. Jessica Jeffery-Mohr were excited for Irelyn and hope she enjoys spending her winnings!

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