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2017 $100 Smile Winner

Jeffery-Mohr Dentistry of Van Wert is excited to announce that Kevyon Schurelds, a 1st grader from Van Wert, was the first place winner of the coloring contest to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Kevyon received a $100 gift certificate to Wal-mart Supercenter for his great picture.  Alaya Paige was the $20 winner for the Van Wert first graders. Josiah Stoller of Payne won the $50 gift card and his classmate Aleena Wheeler won $20.  A Lincolnview first grader, Lana Buckner, won the $25 gift card!

This year over $500 worth of cash and prizes were given out to the community from Jeffery-Mohr Dentistry of Van Wert. There were 785 kids who participated in the coloring contest and 1265 dental kits were given to the kids during the program!  During the months of January and February, Dr. Jessica Jeffery-Mohr visited the schools and gave out kits that included a sticker, pencil, and toothbrush.  The children learned about going to the dentist and how to keep cavities away with proper oral hygiene and diet. 

All the kids were very excited to receive their $100, $50, $25 and $20 gift cards!  

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